How To Make A Cucumber Whisper Martini

It’s gorgeous outside! The sun is shinning and the air is warm… It seems today is the day to try the Whisper Cucumber martini that Dustin DeWinter from Kensington Grill shared with us.

Deliciousness from the Kensington Grill thx to Dustin DeWinter


Cucumber Whisper Martini:
1.5 oz Hendricks Gin
3/4 oz Vya Whisper Dry
1/2 oz St Germain
4-6 muddled cucumber
Squeeze of lemon
Shaken and strained through a fine mesh strainer
Garnish with a thin slice of cucumber


Ready to start?

Step 1

First, we measure out 1.5 oz of Hendricks gin and pour into shaker. As we were informed by Dewinter: proportions are everything when making the perfect drink, so I am careful to make an accurate pour.  The right ingredients are also important. Although any gin will do in a pinch, to create this particular cocktail it is best to use Hendricks. Hendricks has a unique taste profile that is crisp, velvety, and has a delicate hint of cucumber (a flavor the gin makers accomplish by adding mashed cucumber pulp to the spirit after distillation).

Step 2

Measure out ¾ oz of Vya Whisper Dry and add to shaker.

Step 3

Measure out ½ oz of St Germain and add into shaker as well. St. Germain is an elderflower liquor that has hints of citrus, peach, and lilac in its flavor profile.

Step 4

Wash your cucumber well, and cut off a few slices to set aside for your garnish.  Then, peel what’s left and cut it into slices (this will simplify the muddling process for you).

Step 5

Add your cucumbers to the shaker and muddle well! You want it as close to liquefied as possible.  The harder you muddle the cucumber the more flavor you will release into the alcohol base in the glass.

Perhaps you’re wondering about how in the world do you muddle a cucumber… or maybe you already know! You’ll need a muddler for this step – a muddler (for you first timers) is a barman’s tool, used as a pestle to crush herbs, fruit, and sometimes spices in the bottom on your glass to release flavor…

Step 6

Squeeze a bit of lemon and shake vigorously!


Garnish your glass with one of the previously cut cucumber slices.  (Want to add in your own twist?  Try sugaring the rim or floating the cucumber slice in the cocktail!)

Place your strainer over your martini glass and pour the shaker into the glass – if a bit of pulp comes through, that’s okay.  Any pulp small enough to fit through your strainer will be fine.

Yum!  That was easier than I thought and just as tasty as I remembered!

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