Elysium Fields


Aperitif is derived from the Latin word aperire, which means, “to open. ”  That is exactly what aperitifs do, they enhance and stimulate the appetite before a meal with taste, texture, and usually herbs.  A digestive, on the other hand helps with digestion and the settling of the stomach.

I wanted to focus on creating a light digestive cocktail that was fun, frisky, and simple. Since Vya, is an aperitif, I looked a little further into the wines that Quady produces and came up this simple little gem called Elysium Fields.


3 oz St. George Bontanivore Gin

2.5 oz Elysium

0.5 oz Fresh lime Juice

5-8 Mint leaves muddled mint


Simply pour the Elysium into a glass over the mint leaves and muddle (The drink is equally as tasty with out the mint, so feel free to leave out this step in you so desire).

Then add St. George Gin and lime juice.  Shake.  Strain into a glass of ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint.


-Dana Fares, Quady company mixologist

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