The Chrysanthemum: A classic vermouth cocktail, revived


As we transition into the fall months I want to share a delicious savory vermouth based cocktail to tantalize your senses with it’s floral complexity and warm your insides with it’s pleasant spice.  


The talented Head Mixologist at Tabard Inn, in Washington D.C., Chantal Tseng, graciously presented the following recipe at Vya’s Tales of the Cocktail tasting room.


Below Chantal talks about here inspiration for creating a Vya based Chrysanthemum:


“I made the “Chrysanthemum” from the recipe in the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. However, there is an earlier 1916 version from Hugo Ensslin’s “Recipes for Mixed Drinks” based out of New York. I prefer the Savoy proportions which make it less sweet. This is one of the first vintage recipes I came across & made when I started researching vintage recipes back in either 2006 or 2007. I loved it immediately. I had just started appreciating vermouth more & had no idea a vermouth based cocktail could be so complex & delicious. It’s still one of my favorite drinks today.”




3 Dashes Absinthe


1 oz. Benedictine


1 oz Vya Whisper Dry


1 oz Vya Extra Dry Vermouths)


Stirred with ice & strained into a cocktail glass.


Orange peel garnish




Combine Benedictine, Vya Whisper Dry, and Vya Extra Dry over ice in a cocktail shaker. 


Shake vigorously. 


Strain into a cocktail glass. 


Garnish with an Orange Peel.






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