The Summer Peach

Soft, fresh peach, Vya, Essensia, and Prosecco.

Juicy, sweet, fresh peach, Vya, Essensia, and Prosecco.

Andrew and Laurel Quady were looking for a way to celebrate the 80th Anniversary Party of their longtime English importer, Hallgarten Druitt, and in the process they found a delicious way to drink up their succulent peaches. The Summer Peach is newly created in honor of our much loved importer, we wish them 80 years to come!

The orange-apricot character of Essensia Orange Muscat, the subtle herbaceous notes in the the Vya Whisper Dry, and the soft bubbles of Prosecco unite with a summer peach like never before…

¼ ripe fragrant peach, with peel (white is preferred, must be fresh and aromatic)
1 ounce Essensia
1 ounce Whisper Dry Vermouth
2 ounces Prosecco

How to make The Summer Peach:

Using a muddling tool, mash the peach in a 12 oz cocktail shaking glass.


Add Essensia and Whisper Dry Vermouth.


Continue to mash a little more.


Fill the glass with ice and shake until contents are very cold and frothy.


Strain into a chilled champagne flute or a saucer shaped champagne or cocktail glass (use a strainer with 1/8 inch holes).


Top up with 2 oz chilled Prosecco.


Enjoy the sweet fruits of your labor!

Summer Peach Cocktail

The Summer Peach, created this weekend by Andrew and Laurel Quady at Quady Winery.

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